“Mining the gold from within and without.”

As a medium to large-scale corporation, over the years you have developed a range of valuable IP.  And maybe you have a number of potential corporateurs within your ranks.

But research indicates, typically you will be mining less that 10% of 1% of your total intellectual property.  And ‘intellectual property’ goes way beyond the traditional areas of brands, trade marks, designs, symbols and literary works that are the domain of intellectual property lawyers.


Your ‘unmined’ intellectual property will include your Talent, culture, mindsets, decision-making processes, work systems and processes, proprietary software…

What you may lack is the structure and processes for identifying, developing and monetizing this IP.   Here’s where, as a Venture Bank, New Enterprise Services, can assist.

In ‘partnership’ with you, we:

  • mine your internal gold
  • develop the identified IP with, and through, your executives – plus external talent
  • chair, manage-up, and resource your Strategic Innovation Boards [SIBs] as your innovation arm
  • co-create new business opportunities for, and with, you
  • access hard-to-get resources – innovative talent, ideas, IP, opportunities, licences, SIBs, deals, acquisitions, markets, strategies, business models, networks, etc
  • revitalize your enterprise value for all core stakeholders
  • enhance your corporate standing and market valuation, and
  • if you like, introduce you to new ‘packaged’ opportunities arising from the Venture Bank’s other Strategic Innovation Boards.


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