Together, we stand on five legs:

  • We collaboratively source ideas, inventions, intellectual property and innovations [the 4 i’s] from you, us, other intellectual property creators and entrepreneurs, and from within larger corporations
  • We collaboratively develop, resource and fund these innovations, and get them totally market ready
  • We collaboratively linkinnovations globally with well-resourced, high capability corporations who add the 4 i’s to their product range
  • We collaboratively market these innovations to the world – while sharing in the risk, and return.
  • We use a three horizons framework to kick start our thinking and acting

You have got far more than a great business idea….

In fact, you have gone part of the way to creating a new venture based on your invention, smart machine, disruptive or transformative technology, software, digital information product or other innovation. Now you are ‘stuck’….


For whatever reason, you can’t, as yet, take your innovation all the way profitably to market. Perhaps you need funds, inspiration. More product development. Additional brains and Talent. Time! Marketing. Contacts. Resources… Whatever!

Venture bank services well-tailored to you

Here’s where our Venture Bank’s services are ideally-tailored for you.

Provided you and your innovation meet certain criteria, we form a joint venture with you that, based on performance, jointly owns, and further develops the intellectual property.

Then, collaboratively with you, we provide every resource, and do literally everything with you, that you require to get what you have created profitably to market.

As appropriate, this includes providing the funds, recruiting the right C.E.O., and setting up a diverse and highly-skilled Strategic Innovation Board to steer and manage up your innovation.

The criteria we use

For you to make the most of our services, your innovation needs to:

  • be truly innovative, disruptive or transformative – rather than ‘me too’
  • service a clearly identified and ‘real’ need – which can be evaluated
  • be digital – or capable of being made digital
  • service a global B2b, large-scale community or government market – more than consumer markets
  • be scalable
  • be capable of generating equity returns of more than $ 20 million in 3-4 years.

Our uniqueness

Our stand-out lies in the way we approach innovation as a total ecology. And in the total commercialization package we offer.

  • Sourcing. We source innovations from individuals, SMEs, large corporations, Co-operative Research Centres, Universities, start-up incubators and accelerators. And we create our own.
  • Collaborating. Rather than create a totally stand-alone, self-sufficient venture, we collaboratively entrepreneur via a joint venture, and through networks, strategic alliances and strategic partnerings.
  • Funding. Apart from providing seed capital in various forms, we source all developmental and marketing funds, and other resources, from clients,Angel Investors, marketing companies, global corporations, and very rarely from Venture Capitalists.
  • Sharing risk and equity. As collaborating entrepreneurs all parties share in the equity and risk, proportional to the value they add.   No one takes fees, or salaries, other than from cash flows and profits. This dramatically enhances performances and equity returns, and significantly reduces the cash required to fund the growth.




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