The gold we collectively mine

 The gold we collaboratively mine in your corporation includes both established ‘intellectual property’ in the form of patents, trademarks, copyright material, brands… AND, more importantly new forms of ‘unprotected’ intellectual property such as…
  • the real Talent and Strengths of your corporation – and what is being unused or underused
  • the existing decision-making and innovation processes – and the extent to which they are aiding, and not aiding innovation, and why
  • the business core Purpose and where it leads and does not lead
  • the managing up, and managing down of ideas and innovation processes within your entire company ecology
  • what’s been called ‘adjacent possibilities’ that highlight do-able opportunities
  • the current business models, and where they might lead, or change
  • potential new business models and strategies
  • patent portfolios, their cost, and the extent of monetization
  • the proprietary systems and procedures to see what gold’s there
  • the basic rules, norms, and ‘givens’ of the business, and which aid and which hinder innovation
  • the innovative capacity inherent in the company culture
  • where the company adds value, and where it robs or distributes value
  • the 2.5% of innovators within your firm, and the 12.5% of ‘early adopters’ of new ideas and new technologies
  • what innovations have been tried recently and their success/failure.

Arising from these aspects, specific innovations that we may develop jointly include:


  • disruptive technologies that change the world and our global footprint
  • smart machines
  • digital and information-rich technologies – including knowledge systems, on-line learning, intelligent systems
  • leverage-able and scalable software, new forms of IP that cannot always be patented – including innovative business models, packaging of old elements in new ways, ideas, new forms of design, different business structures and processes, data mining
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